August 7, 2007

Hair Removal Methods: Plenty to Choose From  

Hair Removal Methods: Plenty to Choose From

Hair removal processes have been long since let out of the closet, and are not hidden anymore from the media or from the knowledge of everyone: the women and men beauty magazines, special editions of TV shows, doctors and specialists that are invited to talk about hair removal methods have increased the popularity of electrolysis or laser treatment, of depilatory creams, and have given information about their application. We are not overwhelmed by information though, and it wouldn't hurt to list down all the useful methods with which hair removal turns into a success.

Once upon a time, men came from work all bearded and stressed and women usually wore long skirts and long-sleeved blouses, but razors still existed: the parenthood of the industry of hair removal should definitely be granted to the razors. However, as time passed, new technologies have developed, and the trends have changed. Men nowadays want to have perfectly smooth bodies, with no repelling hair on their backs, chest, armpits or face and make use of different machines and methods to remove follicles, depending on their type of skin or hair length, how long they want it to last, if it should be permanent or temporary etc.

Hair Removal Methods: One for Everyone

The variety of hair removal products extend as following: the above mentioned razors , which now have all kind of speeds, little blades, plastic or metallic shields in front of the cutting edge. Not only men, but also women choose to shave the hair off, because it is fast, comfortable, and within reach. However it does not last long, not at all. Another longer-lasting option would be the hot, cold or sugar-based wax the effects of which last from two weeks to eight weeks, and then there comes next the depilatory creams with not-so-enticing smell, but that do the job effectively and painlessly.

From Economical to Expensive

If the above well-known methods do not satisfy your need for perfection, hair removal methods include the proverbial laser treatments and electrolysis treatments that are given at special hair removal clinics. These have the highly trained personnel that know exactly how to use the ultra new machines, so that you can be content you chose this costly but effective method. Both of the above involve several sessions and if you want permanent removal of extended areas on your body, they are the perfect, long-lasting and unfortunately expensive answer.

If you are looking for cheap and within-reach ways to smoothen up your aspect and body, you can always use the razors, the tweezers, wax or creams, and if you are interested enough you can find entire packs and kits of tools in supermarkets, that enrich the array of hair removal methods.

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