November 2, 2007

5 Important Considerations for Laser Hair Removal  

Laser Hair Removal is certainly a great invention. As time passes, the laser hair removal industry has developed more effective lasers that can be used to permanently remove hair. In some cases the hair removal is not quite permanent, rather more a reduction in the amount of hair.

Several treatments may be necessary to permanently remove the hair since the hair has different growing stages and you need to target the hair follicle during a specific stage for the removal to be permanent. Since your hair doesn't tell you what stage it is in or when it will go into the next stage, this procedure can be somewhat of a guessing game.

Below are 5 important considerations you should think about before you get any laser hair removal treatment.

1. Determine if laser hair removal will work for your hair type and skin color. Many advancements in laser technology have opened up a bigger target market for potential hair removal clients. However, you must be certain that the clinic you are going to has all the latest advanced laser technology that is suitable for your skin tone and hair type.

2. Really think about whether you can afford the procedure. Many laser hair removal patients do not experience permanent removal, merely hair reduction. Are you willing to settle for that? Are you able to mentally write off the amount of money that you will spend on this service?

3. Is the treatment guaranteed? Make sure you read all the fine print in those laser hair removal contracts. See if there is any sort of written guarantee and get in writing exactly what will happen if the hair removal is not permanent. It could be more advantageous for you to go with a clinic that offers a guarantee, even if they charge more than other clinics.

4. Do you know what the side effects are? The laser hair removal procedure feels like someone is flicking a rubber band at your skin. There are topical lotions/creams that some clinics will put on your skin to help with some of the pain. Other side effects include blistering, permanent discoloration, infections, etc. Make sure you know about every side effect and what the standard procedure is for dealing with it. Surprises are never good in this situation.

5. Finally, Does the laser hair removal clinic you plan to go to have the proper training and experience to perform the procedure? Ask how many patients they have treated with similar skin color and hair type. I don't think you want to be the first patient for some clinic if you know what I mean.

In short, prepare well for your consultation and make sure you thoroughly investigate every aspect and detail of getting laser hair removal. Find more details at
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