June 19, 2007

Are There Such Things As Permanent Hair Removal Laser Treatments?  

Permanent hair removal laser treatments have become increasingly popular alternatives to shaving, waxing, depilatory use, and tweezing. Many consumers are simply tired of the tedium, messiness, expense, and discomfort which accompany the traditional hair removal options, and are looking for a way to rid themselves of their unwanted hair once and for all.

Electrolysis, until recently, has been the only available form of permanent hair removal. Electrolysis requires that an extremely small metallic probe be inserted into each individual hair; a mild electrical current is applied to destroy the follicle. The procedure is maddeningly slow, very expensive, and extremely painful. Electrolysis, for those reasons should be limited to very small bodily areas like the cheeks and brows.

How Permanent Hair Removal Laser treatments Work Permanent hair removal laser treatments, however, target unwanted bodily hair with a laser light controlled by a trained technician. Pulses of laser light will hit the pigment of the unwanted hair, which absorbs and is destroyed by the laser’s energy. Properly controlled permanent hair removal laser applications destroy hair without harming the surrounding skin, and are done with the aid of topical anesthetics to eliminate the minor pain which some people experience as “snaps" from the individual laser pulses.

Permanent hair removal laser treatment is not instant; it will be done over a series of sessions which can last several months. This is necessary because not all hair follicles are actively producing hair at the same time, and those in their resting stages early in the course of the permanent hair removal laser treatments will be actively growing hair later on. These undergoing the treatments can expect their skin to be slightly red for, at the minimum, a day following them.

The prospect of permanent hair removal laser treatments can, for many people, seem like the perfect answer to unwanted hair. But while laser hair removal will produce long-term results lasting from several months to several years, there is no guarantee that the hair will not eventually return. When it does, it will very probably be sparser, and can be treated with another, shorter round of laser hair removal sessions.

Costs And Effectiveness Those considering permanent hair removal laser treatment can expect each session to cost at least $50, and probably considerably more, depending on the part of the body involved. So having it done on small areas, to remove unwanted facial hair or to thin the eyebrows, may be the least expensive treatment for women; men may want it to treat unwanted back or neck nape hair. Some women also have it done along the bikini line and legs.

The effectiveness of permanent hair removal laser treatments varies from individual to individual. Much of its success is determined by a person’s complexion and hair color; to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for permanent hair removal laser treatments, talk to some experts.

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